The Power of Optimism   


Being optimistic is more than seeing the world through rose tinted glasses. Optimism shows itself through your attitude, belief and actions.  When we are optimistic everything in life is different.

Optimistic people:

  1. Set more goals and put more effort into attaining their goals.
  2. Stay more engaged when challenges arise.
  3. Cope better during stressful times.
  4. Feel better about themselves and the world around them.
  5. Get more done.

In fact, it turns out that optimism is a predictor of work performance. The higher the optimism, the better your performance in all areas of life.

Here are some tips to become more optimistic:

  1. Expect favourable outcomes. This actually primes your brain to be on the lookout for and recognise possibilities and opportunities.
  2. Make a list of the good things in your career or life. Scan your day for three good things that happened that day.
  3. Journal about positive experiences.
  4. Make positive comments about the world and people around you.

And just in case doubt and negativity might be clouding your thinking right now, trust me, this information has been scientifically proven.  And doesn’t that just make you a little more optimistic!

If you are a pharmacist and learning strategies to further develop your confidence is of interest to you, AND/OR you are interested in recording your participation in your ePortfolio for CPD, I am running a LIVE online workshop on 9th May from 730pm to 900pm.  Feedback from the pharmacy pilot groups has been very positive and I am optimistic (!) that you will find it beneficial too!

(If you are NOT a pharmacist, we will be running an online workshop, especially for you during International Coaching Week on 20th May)


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Feedback from pharmacists who took part in the pilot online workshops

"Before the online workshop, I had some fears about whether I would be able to engage, since I did not feel confident about my computer skills!  However it was very easy to log on and partake.  Even I could do it and I was delighted I did.  I found the webinar really engaging, very enjoyable, informative and relevant to my continuing personal and professional development.  I highly recommend Rachel's online workshops to any pharmacist."  Gillian Murphy MPSI - Pharmacy Owner


Register Here for "The Confident Pharmacist" Live Online Workshop 

Rachel Dungan
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