Calm Down and Carry On


Do you ever feel so overwhelmed or stressed that you can’t think straight?  Do you have days when your mind feels so cluttered that you can't fit in another chore, project or appointment even if you wanted to?


When our minds are filled with worry, stress and overwhelm, we operate from an emotional part of our mind that prevents us from making decisions or taking actions that serve our best interest. It is easy to lose confidence during stressful times. We just don’t know which way to turn.


Experiences of stress and overwhelm happen in all of our lives. It serves us well to take steps to calm ourselves during these times. Here are some useful tips:


  1. Stop and take stock.  Even though you may be having a bad day or even a bad week, you can think of many people and things you are grateful for. Focusing on those we love and what is good in our lives is a powerful way of controlling our body's response to stress and keeping things in check.
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly with focus. This ancient practice instantly reduces stress and allows us to tap into our creative energy.  And from our creative resources, we can find the solutions we need.
  3. Know what you can and cannot control. Make of list of the things that overwhelm you. After you do, put a check by the things you can control or influence. Review the other things on your list and acknowledge that you cannot control these items. When you do that, commit to letting them go.


By making a conscious effort to calm your mind when life is spinning out of control, you will arm yourself with the positive and resourceful energy you need.     

If you are a pharmacist or pharmacy intern and learning strategies to further develop your confidence is of interest to you, AND/OR you are interested in recording your participation in your ePortfolio for CPD, I am running a LIVE online workshop on 9th May from 730pm to 900pm.  Feedback from the pharmacy pilot groups has been very positive and I am optimistic (!) that you will find it beneficial too!

(If you are NOT a pharmacist, we will be running an online workshop, especially for you during International Coaching Week on 20th May.)


Register Here for "The Confident Pharmacist" Live Online Workshop 

Feedback from pharmacists who took part in the pilot online workshops:

"To me, confidence in pharmacy is EVERYTHING. As pharmacy students, we are programmed a certain way from the beginning. We can recite the entire contents of the BNF, draw the chemical structure of almost any compound imaginable and analyse readings from UV spectroscopy like it was second nature to us!! But when it comes to confidence, this is where we lack. And without confidence, none of our unique skill-sets are going to make a difference. Based on my experience so far, being a great pharmacist is all about the belief, rapport and respect you build with your patient and without confidence, this will never be achieved.  

I highly recommend Rachel's online workshop to any pharmacy student, intern or newly registered pharmacist.  It will boost your confidence." LB - Pharmacy Intern

Register Here for "The Confident Pharmacist" Live Online Workshop 


Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd