Uncovering your true self is the secret to accessing your unique strengths and living your purpose on the planet.

Many people hide these gifts in order to fit in. They feel that if they can just act normal, they'll achieve success & happiness. Unfortunately, another word for "normal" is "mediocre." Nothing great comes from mediocrity…success comes from sustained GREATNESS. And the only way to know your greatness is to SHINE.

But wait!!! What if you shine & somebody takes a shot at you? I mean, if you poke your head up above the parapet, you become an easy target? Easy targets get criticised, picked on, and outright rejected…and that HURTS.

Well as you're probably well aware…this ongoing pain of living inauthentically is far greater. To live each day knowing that you could be sharing your gifts & reaping your rewards, but staying small & getting along instead…that's the most painful experience one could face.

We all have a deep desire to express ourselves and live among others who do the same. We all want to feel good about ourselves and how we operate in the world. We all want to live happy, authentic lives, rich & full of purpose and to help others do the same.

And yet we get stopped. We get blocked by others' opinions, expectations and demands. And we inadvertently block ourselves and get stuck in this perpetual cycle.

When are you going to stop the cycle?

Are you going to stop this cycle?  After all, you've survived THIS LONG without fully uncovering your true self, and you're doing…okay

But since when did high achievers settle for okay?  When did we succumb to the illusion that reciting other people's truth was more valuable than living our own truth?  Wouldn't you rather be FULFILLED?  Wouldn't you like to radiate with enthusiam, hope, self-belief, truth & vibrant joy?

Don't waste another moment worrying about what other people think. Don't take another breath trying to be somebody else. Your profession is waiting for you.  Your patients are waiting for you.  Your colleagues are waiting for you.  Your family is waiting for you.  Your business is waiting for you.  And the irony is, you are already here!  It is just a matter of uncovering that which is already here, inside you and giving it permission to emerge and shine.  And in doing so, you give others permission to shine too.  

The foundation of personal authenticity is self-care, consistently demonstrating to yourself that you are valuable and worthy of loving care.  Transformation Prescription has been created to support you to prioritise your own self-care so you have the inner resources to care for others.  

You cannot guide a client/customer/patient to a place you are unwilling to go yourself.  This is why walking the talk is such an important aspect of personal and professional leadership.  True confidence develops as our actions become more and more aligned with who we aspire to becoming.  Deepen how you honour the core competency of health promotion by focusing first on promoting your own health and wellbeing.   

What IS within your control?

What becomes possible (for you and for others) when you 100% commit to caring for your own health and wellbeing, as your first priority?

Transformation Prescription begins next Tuesday 30th August.  If this is your time to shine, join Transformation Prescription by CLICKING HERE






Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd