Giving Up the Old for the New

Dear Rachel,

We all experience change whether we want to or not.  Every country, every community and every person has experienced thi.  Regardless of our age or life experience, change is difficult.  It’s not that we don’t like change or want it, it’s that we would prefer for it to happen more easily and on our terms. Unfortunately, change often requires us to give up what’s old and familiar in order for something new to take its place.  Just like it is hard to throw away that favourite shirt or those comfy old shoes, we somehow manage to find new shirts and shoes to take their place.

It’s a strange paradigm.  On the one hand, we have this desire to build our lives around something secure, familiar and lasting.  And on the other hand, we are forever being forced to make life changes that keep us from becoming stagnant.

Giving up what previously defined our lives can be painful, particularly where our health and/or the health of loved ones is concerned, but there can also be a trepidation and maybe even a sense of being up for the challenge of building a new life or new identity, a new normal.  

If your client base includes people who live with a medical condition, developing skills to support them to navigate life transitions, overcome their fears and build more productive relationships will have an enormously postively impact. 

If you are interested in stretching outside your comfort zone, and are ready to deepen your ability to support your customers / patients / clients through change, there are several opportunities for you to explore this further.

1. Demonstrating Confidence at the Pharmacy Counter? FREE webinar, hosted by Rachel Dungan of 4Front Pharmacy Solutions and sponsored by Pharmaconex, on Monday 27th February at 1930

CLICK HERE to book now.  This is particularly relevant to pharmacists who are curious to deepen their knowledge of how ognise how confidence can and does impact their ability to engage with customers at the pharmacy counter and develop strategies to buid and maintain confidence, even in adversity. 

2. The LEAD Online Mastermind Programme is created specifically for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Leaders to support the non-clinical aspects of CPD in a time-efficient, practical and experiential way.  The next 4-month module,  begins in April and the theme is ENGAGEMENT OF OTHERS and each month has a focus on deepening communication skills, demonstrating empathy, dealing with conflict and motivating others.  Participants can apply these skills to support medication adherence, enhance team performance, negotiations and more.  To review the programme content CLICK HERE 

3. FYI: The ONLY LIVE Medical Coach Training in Ireland in 2017, starts 30th March 2017.  I am a graduate of the 2016 course and will be attending the 2017 as well... the learning was that rich and relevant! There isn't a day that goes by, in either my practice as a pharmacist or my practice as a coach when I don't use at least one skill that I learned on this programme.   Feel free to contact me about this and CLICK HERE to learn more about Medical Coaching.

4. The Medical Coaching Learning Community is a multi-disciplinary, international online community, affiliated with ICF Ireland open to anyone with a passion for delivering patient-centred care.  To join or find out more, CLICK HERE and scroll down for more information.  Past topics and speakers include:

  1. The Art of Not Knowing with Dr. Cherie Carter Scott MCC
  2. Using the Coach Approach with the Grieving and the Dying with Dr. Don Eisenhauer PCC
  3. The Inner Story – Healing from the Inside Out with Joan Jacobs
  4. The Coach Approach to Treatment Adherence with Rachel Dungan MPSI ACC


Programme 12-Month Medical Coaching Learning Community ([MCLC]
Topic for February Coaching You and Your Client Back to Wellness 
Expert Speaker Richard Flook 
Programme Coordinator Rachel Dungan MPSI, ACC
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4th Wed of every month.

Next Session Wed 22nd February

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Time 1930-2100
Location Live Online - from anywhere with an internet connection
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Rachel Dungan
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