Being Healthy at your Best is Like What?

Exploring Health and Healing with Clean Language

 Guest Article by Angela Dunbar

Angela is Expert Speaker with the Medical Coaching Learning Community on 22nd March

It’s natural for people to use metaphors and analogues to describe their experience of their illness and the symptoms they feel. Those metaphors may be more powerful than you realise in terms of constraining the patient/client within limiting beliefs about the severity of their illness, pain and other symptoms, as well as any potential recovery that could happen.

As well as listening to the patient/client's metaphoric descriptions of how thing are, it can be immensely valuable to have them articulate and explore their personal metaphors for health and healing. For instance, one client described healing as walking along a tightrope, and having the balance to stay upright. Another described health as a feeling of warm sunshine throughout their body. Once these metaphors are highlighted, they can become a lasting beacon to remind the person of where they would like to be, as well as what needs to happen to get there.  

Clean Language is a style of communication and a coaching process that enables you to work with a patient/client’s metaphor and help them to immerse themselves within that metaphor and explore its meaning. Metaphors often contain unconscious wisdom and Clean Language provides a method to unlock that wisdom, so that the patient/client can learn more about what health and healing means to them.

This month, I am the guest speaker in the Medical Coaching Learning Community (MCLC), a community of coaches and healthcare professionals who work with people living with a medical condition.  In this highly interactive and experiential session,  MCLC members have the opportunity to listen and observe a Clean Language coaching session exploring Health and Healing. You will learn some basic Clean Language questions and how to structure them, and have any questions you have answered.

We will require a participant to be our demo client for this workshop. This provides one person with a wonderful chance to experience Clean Language as a client, and gain personal insight into their OWN view of health and healing.  Everyone else will observe the demo and have the opportunity to share their experience afterwards.  These sessions are recorded and are made available to members online afterwards.  

I am passionate about Clean Language since my own personal experience being coached in this way 15 years ago. This has lead me on a journey of personal discovery and healing. I am also author of the book  "Clean Coaching: The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen"

I invite you to join the 12-Month Medical Coaching Learning Community (details below) and I look forward to meeting you (and perhaps even coaching you) at 730pm on 22nd March

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Programme 12-Month Medical Coaching Learning Community ([MCLC]
Topic for March Being Health at Your Best is Like What?
Expert Speaker Angela Dunbar
Programme Coordinator Rachel Dungan MPSI, ACC
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4th Wed of every month.

Next Session Wed 22nd March

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Time 1930-2100
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(12-Month MCLC Membership is included for 4-Month LEAD Engagement Online Mastermind Programme Full Members.  If you join MCLC in March and subsequently join the Full LEAD Programme, your MCLC payment will be considered a partial pre-payment.  Contact Rachel for further details.)

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