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A Personal Note:

While I was creating my session for the upcoming IPU Pharmacy Conference, entitled DISCover Four Behavioural Styles to Deal with Difficult Customers, it got me thinking about

  • What Makes a Customer 'Difficult'?
  • Typically, what do customers do that causes you to interpret their behaviour as 'difficult'?  
  • How could you appear 'difficult' to your customers?   
  • How to bridge that gap to build relationships

These are some of the issues we will be exploring during my session on Sunday 29th April.  I look forward to meeting you there! 

'As a result of coaching with Rachel, for the first time in my life, I am having 'courageous conversations' with customers, staff  and even family members!  By that I mean instead of waiting until a situation erupts before I say anything, I now proactively open up a discussion about what is bothering me.   I now realise that in order to be listened to, I need to be open to listening to what the other person has to say first (even if I don't like it or agree with it).  The difference honing this skill, with Rachel's coaching, has made to my life is truly transformational.' 

Tip of the Month: Our Role in Difficult Conversations

When we get into a difficult conversation with a customer, we often go on the defensive.  We arm ourselves with our reasons, our opinions, and our certainty that we are right!  However, most of us give very little thought to our role in creating the atmosphere in which our conversation happens. 

The atmosphere matters.  It makes a difference.  When we adopt a military mind-set, we create 'winners' and 'losers', which fosters a 'them' versus 'us' mentality.  We focus on the customer being 'difficult,' when the truth is that they have different needs, different priorities and a different viewpoint from us.   This does not automatically make us right and them wrong.   

Left unresolved, these difficulties usually grow until an explosion occurs, often on the shop floor. 

To mitigate against these difficulties, for your part, consider how 

  • do you make it safe for customers to come to you with problems? 
  • do customers know they can come to you with a difference of opinion or something that needs to be settled,
  • do they know they will be treated with respect? 
  • do you approach the difficulty?  As if you are on opposite sides of the counter or as if you are part of a team, looking for a solution together.

Difficult conversations can be a calm, mature discussion between equals, when you both listen and seek to understand each other.  Are you willing to take the first step by putting your own defences aside, listen with curiosity, compassion and courage and assume the best in the other person, for the sake of seeking a solution?  

When you do, it makes it far more likely that the other person will respond in kind.  The impact on the relationship, customer loyalty and professional fulfilment is profound. Are you willing to discover and develop new skills for the sake of transforming your professional impact?


Rachel's Book of the Month

Image result for the discomfort zone marcia

Hear from this month's Medical Coaching Learning Community (MCLC) Expert Speaker, Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC.  Those of you who are MCLC Members will have the opportunity to engage with Marcia on the topic of 'Empower Your Patient/Client with Your Presence.' CLICK HERE for further details.

In her book 'The Discomfort Zone' she shares the coaching perspective on how leaders turn difficult conversations into breakthroughs. 

'I think the most misunderstood area of leadership is the whole topic of listening. Leaders know that they have to listen but they confuse it with just being patient while someone is talking until it’s their turn to talk. I really feel that there is a stronger purpose for listening than most leaders realise. In order to change people’s minds they have to listen for specific things. It’s not just how to listen but the purpose and I really wanted to put this down on paper to help all leaders understand what it takes to change people’s behaviour.'

Marcia Reynolds.


Here are the links!  Enjoy.

Interview with Marcia Reynolds (15 mins)

The Discomfort Zone - Marcia Reynolds

Upcoming Events + Save the Date 

IPU Pharmacy Conference 2018 | 27 – 29 APRIL 2018, CLAYTON WHITES HOTEL, WEXFORD |

Celebrating its 8th year, the IPU National Pharmacy Conference is the largest pharmacy educational and networking event in Ireland and plays a vital role in supporting pharmacists with CPD, covering a range of clinical and business topics. This year’s programme is the best to date, with top-class international speakers.  

Rachel's topic on Sunday 29th April is 'DISCover Four Behavioural Styles to Deal with Difficult Customers.' 

Click here to learn more: https://pharmacyconference.ie/programme/

Be sure to email Rachel if you are going, so we can connect at the event! 

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