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A Personal Note from Rachel

 How creative and imaginative are you?  While coaching and training pharmacy leaders, I have noticed something interesting.  Perhaps you have noticed it too.

Many of us don't think we are very creative or perhaps we believe we are highly logical, evidence based and therefore not imaginative (as if the two are mutually exclusive).   

But I have observed a fascinating phenomenon.  When it comes to dealing with the unknown such as submitting our first CPD ePortfolio Review, attending Practice Review for the first time or delivering a new service (e.g. a vaccination service for the first time), almost all of us get incredibly creative and imaginative! 

We imagine and create rules, beliefs, problems and what if scenarios that are pure figments of our fearful imagination, but convincing nonetheless. 

  • rules e.g. 'CPD cycles must demonstrate a very high level of clinical knowledge.'  
  • limiting beliefs e.g. 'You need to be good with computers to record CPD in your ePortfolio'
  • problems e.g. 'I couldn't get my login details to work the last time I tried (several months ago)'
  • ill-informed decisions e.g. 'I probably won't pass Practice Review, so there is no point in trying, so I had better come off the register'
  • what if scenarios e.g. what if someone has anaphylaxis in front of me and I freeze and I don't remember what to do?'

The real problem is that unless we harness the logical, evidence-based part of our brain, and challenge some of these irrational thoughts, we can quickly descend into believing our unfettered imaginations as truth.

From the examples above, which are evidence based? 

To address these and other questions, 4Front will be running three masterclasses in August, in partnership with Pharmaconex, so you can

  • Discover the facts and the actual standard required
  • Ask the questions, the answer to which will put your fearful mind at ease
  • Confidently prepare for ePortfolio Review.

Click here to learn more and reserve your seat.


Rachel Shares This Resource

CLICK HERE to access interviews and free Continuing Education resources from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Myself and Dr Michael Arloski are co-leads of the international Health and Wellness Coaching Community of Practice.  The most recent topic is using the 'Six Dimensions of Wellness' to support ourselves as healthcare professionals and our patients to be proactive about managing our own health and wellbeing, so we can be of better service to others.  

 Stay tuned in future newsletters, as I have some fascinating interviews in store that are guaranteed to shift your perspective!

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4Front Founder, Rachel Dungan is a Pharmacist, Trainer and Professional Medical Coach.  She has 20 years experience in hospital and community pharmacy.  Her passion is empowering pharmacy leaders and their teams to be and do their best.  You may recognise Rachel as an IPU Academy Tutor, IIOP Peer Support Pharmacist or Webinar Facilitator. Contact Rachel at 086 602 5584 Email: rachel@racheldungan.com

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