Dear Rachel,

April has been one hell of a month.  It seems as if the whole world has changed..... and it has.

  • How we learn has changed. 
  • How we do  business has changed.
  • How we engage with our staff and customers has changed. 
  • Customer demand for products and services has changed. 
  • What we need to do to #StaySafe has changed.
  • How we prevent burnout as frontline workers has changed. 

The world as we knew it has changed, and the new normal has yet to be fully established. 

What we do know is that individuals, professions and businesses that adapt and evolve to establish a new normal will survive and thrive, and those that cling to the past will not. 

4FrontPharmacy aim is to support you and your pharmacy team as you adapt to these changes by enabling you to: 

  • learn differently (online, verified COVID-19 training versus face to face training)
  • engage differently (we coach, consult and facilitate online Zoom strategy meetings with individuals and teams)  
  • respond to changes in customer demands (our upcoming 2020 hay fever module, for example, addresses the differences between COVID-19 and hay fever symptoms, as well as updates on the latest products)
  • #StaySafe.  (Check out 4FrontPharmacy's article in the IPN April Edition, page 66-68)
  • prevent burnout by connecting pharmacy to effective coaching (Check out information on ConnectACoach free coaching service in IPN April Edition, page 69)

CLICK HERE for Digital Edition Irish Pharmacy News April 2020 Edition 

COVID-19.  Protect your Staff.  Protect your Customers.  Protect your Business.  Click  and register you and your team for FREE to complete COVID-19 Certified Online Training for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Teams.





Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd