What Matters Most

Building a Fulfilling Career on the Foundations of Your Values

Imagine the impact of being aware of and living in alignment with your core values?  Imagine working in an environment where your personal core values are aligned with the core values of the company for whom you work?  This is what the L.E.A.D. ALIGNMENT module explores.   

Think for a moment about being on a boat in the middle of the ocean. With the sea stretching out before you, you could sail your boat in any direction you want. Which direction will you choose?

A choice of direction may at first seem to have no real consequence, but over time that simple choice could have a huge impact. Big changes have their roots in seemingly small decisions. A two or three degree shift in direction may not seem to have much impact at the beginning of a journey, but miles into your journey the implications can be gargantuan.

That is why identifying and understanding your core values is so important. Like the rudder of a boat, your core values are there to give you stability and guidance along your journey. Values are your rudder that help you make decisions that will honour what matters most in all areas of your life.

In our L.E.A.D. Online Mastermind Programme, this month we are exploring how to identify the values that are guiding our lives.  We examine how these values are continually influencing our personal and professional choices and the potential we have to better align with them to shape our futures in new and incredible ways.

Once we are consciously aware of the driving forces that inform our decision making, in our Q&A session, we delve into its ramifications in how we practice as pharmacists, how we interpret and uphold our code of conduct and our core competency framework.

We also debate how our values impact on our "fit" within our current role and can inform decisions about our future career.  Square pegs in round holes are a poor fit for each other.  Nothing wrong with square pegs.  Nothing wrong with round holes, but they just aren't a good fit for each other!  Finding a good fit is a recipe for success, made significantly easier by being consciously aware of the forces that drive us.  Indeed, our happiness is intimately related to the degree to which we are currently honouring what is most important to us.  So building a career on any foundation (other that values) will not be fulfilling and may ultimately lead to stress, burn-out, cynicism and poor performance.  

So here are FIVE questions which can help you to identify your values... what is most important to YOU. 

1. What would you stand up and fight for?

2. What would you risk your reputation for?

3. Who do you admire?  What specifically about him/her do you admire? 

4. Think of a time when you were really angry or upset.  What values were not being met?

5. If there were just three rules that EVERYONE would have to follow, what would they be?  

Whether you are aware of your values or not, they drive your beliefs, your attitudes and your behaviour.  Whether you are aware of it or not, every company, pharmacy, institution and professional also has values.  Are they aligned with yours?    

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Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd