Do you ever feel like you're wearing a mask to please others?  Do you sometimes hold back for fear of being criticised or rejected?

Have you ever felt that you're not good, smart or attractive enough to get what you want?  If you're anything like most people, especially high achieving professionals, you try really hard to conform and "get along."

In order to fit in, you compare yourself to others and criticise every aspect of how you look, act, talk, dress & feel. You're tearing yourself apart…from the inside out – all in an effort to please others (patients, colleagues, other stakeholders, family, friends etc) and be accepted.

But…but…you're supposed to be PERFECT, aren't you?  You are supposed to achieve perfect grades, provide perfect service, be a perfect role-model, be in perfect control of all aspects of your life, have perfect health and juggle your multiple roles with seemingly perfect ease.

That's what you've been told all your life…in school, in college, at work, from the media…even your friends & family expect nothing short of perfection from you.

…if you could just try a little harder, eat a little less, exercise a little more, say the right things to the right people…

The tragedy is, at the end of a day full of "shoulds" and unmet expectations, you know that it's all just a show. You know that what's important is what's inside of you, but you go on living out-of-touch with that core connection…and if you don't already, you'll end up hating yourself for it.  You feel disconnected to living your life purpose.  Somehow your life is on hold until everyone else's expectations are met..... which is NEVER! 

Sound familiar?

What if you were to remember that of the billions of humans that have ever lived on this planet and ever will live on this planet. that you are unique?    What if you were to truly believe that you were born with certain gifts and abilities that nobody else possesses…and that if you were focus on those things, your personal and professional life would get much easier and you'd start experiencing a lot more happiness…AND success?

Would you nod your head in secret agreement?  It would be hard not to! 

The truth is that your true intelligence & strength actually lie right in the heart of your "imperfections"…and you KNOW this. 

You know that the times in your personal and professional life when you've felt the most HAPPY and FULFILLED have been those times when you've…if only for a few moments…let go of the judgments, fears & expectations, and simply accepted yourself for who you are. In those fleeting moments, you've seen your perfection, and it lit you up.

You DESERVE to LIVE that lit-up life of fulfillment, happiness & satisfaction…YOU deserve to consistently tap into the rich intelligence of who you truly are and the difference you (and only you) are here to make.

The time has come for YOU to finally, fully. . .S H O W   U P.

This month, participants of Month 3 of the L.E.A.D. Online Mastermind Programme are exploring and sharing the obstacles that get in the way of living authentically, and how to overcome them.  They are developing skills to free themselves of other people's expectations and opinions and gain greater clarity and peace of mind about who they are, what they want and where they are going.  They are also examining different techniques to challenge their inner critic and courageously pursue their personal and professional passions, aligned with their vision and values.  

Each month builds on the learnings and insights of the previous month, enriched by sharing different perspectives, all aligned to professional CPD.  After all, what could be more important for patient care.  You cannot guide a client/customer/patient to a place you are unwilling to go yourself.  This is why walking the talk is such an important aspect of personal and professional leadership.  True confidence develops as our actions become more and more aligned with who we aspire to becoming.  

Who do you truly aspire to become?  

For what purpose? 

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Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd