I work primarily with pharmacists and pharmacy leaders to improve personal and team performance. As a learning and leadership specialist I have observed five consistent barriers that get in the way of achieving peak performance and I have created the L.E.A.D. Programme to  overcome these barriers.

The result is maximum impact on behaviour and results with minimal disruption to daily operations. 

The Barriers

  • Lack of clarity – Pharmacy professionals often tend to focus on reacting to problems and often lack a clear picture of where they are aiming to get to and/or have no route map showing them how to get there.  The alignment module of our LEAD Programme, uses a practical, robust framework to help you identify your leadership strengths and priorities and how to apply them to your pharmacy career.  You then explore your strengths and areas for development against the core competency framework for pharmacists and create simple and sustainable personal develop plans. The Result? –CLARITY
  • Lack of skill – Pharmacists and pharmacy managers all over the world over are often promoted based on their functional expertise rather than their people management skills.  Many pharmacists don’t have any specific management training or they’ve had training that was ineffective at building and sustaining those skills over time. The LEAD programme is designed to help participants build your skills one skill at a time, one month at a time with space and support in between to practice, experiment, reflect and learn.  You also have the opportunity to further deepen your participation and demonstrate your skill by completing our 4-day, face to face, QQI accredited Leadership Coaching Skills Development Programme.  The Result? –COMPETENCE
  • Lack of will – Too often people are sent on training courses that they perceive as irrelevant, and getting in the way of the real work.  The LEAD programme is designed to engage and involve you,. the participant from the outset so you get “what’s in it for me?” issues addressed early and make an active contribution to your success from the programme.  The LEAD programme is designed to suit different learning styles and personal, professional and business priorities, with a range of delivery options including live online masterclasses and face to face skills based training and development.  Retention, and transfer of learning into practice is enhanced using brain friendly learning that engages all learning styles and the latest neuroscience findings. The Personal Leadership Module of the LEAD Programme specifically focuses on motivating yourself first.  The Result? – COMMITMENT
  • Lack of support – This can range from unsupportive colleagues and line managers, lack of accountability, or organisational systems and processes that undermine development and change. The LEAD programme facilitates you to connect with at least one accountability partner to facilitate each other's growth, development and implementation of your learning into practice.  The LEAD programme also offers membership of a collaborative, private, online LinkedIn learning community which enables sharing of goals, successes, learning and advice with other LEAD programme participants.  The Engagement Module of the LEAD programme specifically focuses on Engaging Others.  The Result? – COMMUNITY/CULTURE

‘The most important predictor of how well learning is transferred back into the workplace is not the design of the training; the trainer’s skills; or the interest level of the learner but the attitude of the learner’s boss.’
– Dr Sam Goldstien

  • Lack of self-belief – Most training focuses on developing new skills, but transfer of the new skills is often hindered by the mind-set of the participant.  In the LEAD Programme, we go beyond skills and knowledge training and address the thinking and beliefs that get in the way of changing behaviour, through coaching, reflective exercises, and experiential learning. The Result? – CONFIDENCE

‘Ordinary training typically increased productivity by 22% while training combined with
coaching increased productivity by 88%’ (Sunday Times 7 Jan 2001).


Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd