We live in a society defined by its insecurities. We fear the loss of our jobs, our health, our money, our relationships, our sense of control. 

Fear is deeply embedded in many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Fear fills the void left by our lack of faith.

Check out the evening news. Stories are often posed to get our attention by playing on our fears. A headline that reads, "Are you poisoning your family at the dinner table?" is guaranteed to get attention. So is the one asking, "Are your children safe at school?" What about "Obesity 'dangerous as terrorism'?"

Since we fear most that which is unknown to us, defining moments can occur when we choose to know our fears. 

Fear keeps us in the background, convincing us we can never accomplish our dreams. It is the voice of fear that tells us to keep quiet and to stay within our comfort zones. Without question, it is fear that stops us in our tracks toward our goals and limits what we are willing to try. For many, it is fear that leads to smaller lives. But fear can also motivate us.

The acronym F.E.A.R. stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real." It's a true definition of fear. It describes how our minds can weave together false tales of how situations will turn out.  

Facing Fear

The key is to identify our primary response to a situation or change and think about it. When we stop to think about our fear, we can determine if our primary response is insecurity, sense of loss, need for control or discomfort with uncertainty, etc. Once we honestly identify our primary response, we start to really know our fear. Then, we can equip ourselves with information and experiences to courageously manage change in our lives.  Then we can choose how to respond to our fear instead of simply reacting to it.

To grow, change and excel, we must face our fears.

The fear of "not knowing" is especially prevalent for ANYONE working or living with people with a medical condition, including healthcare professionals, HR personnel, coaches, therapists, or through the experience of family, friends or your personal journey.  

  • How often have you felt paralysed by the fear of the unknown?  
  • How often have you not known what to say in such circumstance?  
  • How often has your desire to "gloss over it" or go into "fix-it" overdrive taken over?  

We often expect ourselves to "know the answers", to appear omnipotent.  When we are faced with "not knowing", it can be terrifying.

This feeling is reinforced by cultural and professional training.  For Pharmacy Interns preparing for their Role Play Examinations and Pharmacists Preparing for Review of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), dealing with fear the unknown can be paralysing.     

And yet, the ONLY way for us (and our clients/patients) to grow and develop is by NOT KNOWING.  So how can we bridge this gap? 

"The Art of Not Knowing" is exactly what international coach Cherie Carter Scott MCC will be addressing in the inaugural Medical Coaching Learning Community session on Wed 26th October 2016.

At the end of this session with Cherie, you will have

1. Explored what makes "not knowing" so counter-cultural, especially in a healthcare context

2. Articulated the value of "not knowing"

3. Claimed the right to NOT KNOW for your client

4. Left with tools to use before sessions to remind you, the value in not knowing for your client...

5. Empowered the practitioner-client relationship 

To learn more about becoming a member of the Medical Coaching Learning Community, CLICK HERE

The Medical Coaching Learning Community has selected the highest calibre coaches, trainers, health practitioners to add value to members by sharing their expertise, tools, techniques and methodologies so that you can help those in your circle of influence who live with a medical condition to overcome barriers to change and empower them to own their journey to optimum performance and well-being.  

The Medical Coaching Learning Community is created as a place for you to grow, be inspired, get educated  and develop personally, professionally and ethically. It celebrates quality content, knowledge, development, professionalism, dialogue, peer learning and curiosity. 

So, if you (or someone you know) work with people (almost of of whom have, have had or will have a medical condition during their lifetime), you enjoy learning and you are willing to experience being stretched beyond your comfort zone, this is a community to which you will want to be a member. 

Join me in the Medical Coaching Learning Community on 26th October as we explore this very issue with Dr Cherie-Carter Scott MCC




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