Meet Rachel

Rachel Dungan  “The Pharmacist Coach”

A Trinity Scholar and pioneer in the field of pharmacy coaching, Rachel is the first pharmacist in Ireland to become a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation.  Rachel has been a registered pharmacist for 20 years.  In addition she has been a professional coach since 2011.

Rachel is passionate about advancing the profession of pharmacy and assisting pharmacists to achieve their potential through the use professional coaching and training. Part of Rachel's driving force is her passion to assist pharmacies to be THE hub of community health and wellness. 

Many pharmacists struggle to enjoy their passion for pharmacy. Why? They are distracted and overwhelmed by the behind-the-scenes-burdens of their professional and business duties.  They find that "no matter how much you develop your medicine expertise, without a solid personal wellness foundation, a clear vision, expert behavioural change skills and an engaged, trained team, it doesn’t matter what strategies you know, you’ll be limited in your ability to make the difference you want to make in people's lives"‚Äč.  Worse still, cynicism, frustration, resignation, apathy and burn-out often set in.  

Being a pharmacist can be professionally isolating.  Rachel founded 4Front Pharmacy Solutions to offer programmes uniquely designed to facilitate EVERYONE in the pharmacy to be 100% aligned with the delivery of pharmacy excellence. The professionalism, competence and engagement of the whole T.E.A.M. is optimised. Together Everyone Achieves More.

4Front offers on-site, one-to-one, classroom, accredited, workshop, online and e-learning programmes, centred around “The Six Core Pillars of Pharmacy Excellence", which provide an integrated blueprint to experience personal, professional and business success. Without a blueprint, pharmacists struggle, play small and remain overwhelmed.

Her work as a professional coach includes partnering with pharmacy professionals to excel in

"The Six P's of Pharmacy Excellence"

1. Personal Leadership

2. Professional Development

3. People Empowerment

4. Products and Services

5. Promotion

6. Prosperity 

Rachel continues to be lead author and facilitator on cutting edge, innovative programmes, specifically designed to meet the needs of Irish Pharmacy.  These include “Supporting Mental Health for Pharmacy Practice”, “Leadership Development Coaching Programme for Pharmacists”, “Train The Trainer for Pharmacists”, “Management of Asthma in Pharmacy”, and “Vaccination Training Programme for Pharmacists”.

Over the past 20 years, Rachel has coached and trained thousands of pharmacists and coaches around the world and is here to share her wisdom with us today.  For pharmacists and pharmacy teams that want to receive gold standard support, Rachel is the pharmacist coach of choice.

Specialties: Pharmacy, Coaching, Team Training, Programme Development and Delivery, Behaviour change, Leadership, Self-Care.