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"How Successful Pharmacy Leaders Role-Model Excellence, Motivate And Inspire Their Teams, and
Negotiate Win-Win Agreements"

Management and leadership isn’t always easy or natural is it?  Sometimes you have a conversation that feels a little “off” or perhaps you and your team don’t accomplish a goal that you set, or there’s some other kind of drama that you wish would just go away. 

Have you experienced something like this? I know I have. 

Isn't it amazing that skills that are so critical for effectiveness in the real world, are skills on which our formal education rarely focuses?  I wonder if you, like me, have discovered that learning via the 'school of hard knocks' is both hard and expensive?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to gain practical information about something that is so important but hardly ever discussed – Effective Leadership? 


Hi, my name is Rachel Dungan, the Pharmacist Coach and welcome to 4Front Pharmacy Solutions.  In this training series, you are going to uncover the extraordinary leader inside of you, and join Pharmacy Leaders and Managers just like you, from all over the country.

Announcing 4Front's brand new 6-part multimedia series “Profile of a Pharmacy Leader" that will help you discover the extraordinary leader inside of you. 

Inside this series you will:

  • Discover your core values and how they impact your leadership style
  • Learn why beliefs and convictions impact your leadership style and how to tune into yours to become more effective
  • Examine your leadership role and its impact in your everyday life
  • Learn 10 key leadership qualities
  • Uncover leadership blunders and learn 4 key strategies to undo them
  • Identify your role models and learn how to observe them in action

The 6-part Profile of a Pharmacy Leader series contains these topics: 

  • Part 1 - Clear Values Make for Clear Leadership
  • Part 2 - The Convictions that Drive Your Leadership Style
  • Part 3 - Your Leadership in Everyday Life
  • Part 4 - Leadership Mastery: Positive Leadership Qualities
  • Part 5 - Leadership Shadows: Behaviors That Lead to Frequent Leadership Failure
  • Part 6 - Leadership Role Models

You will receive the Profile of a Pharmacy Leader at no cost to you, all delivered straight to your inbox every few days.

Plus you will receive transcripts of each audio. I especially like the transcripts because I enjoy following along with the audio. I find them handy too, because it’s easy to refer back to the valuable leadership lessons, as opportunities to put them into practice show up in your pharmacy practice. 

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