Registration for What Counts As CPD_2016.09.19

Welcome and Thank You for Your Interest

The 'What Counts as CPD and How to Fit it into your Day' Online Masterclass will be held on:

Monday 19 September 2016 at 19:30-21:30

The aim of the online workshop is to support you to leverage CPD tools to your personal, professional and business advantage 
Once you have completed this online masterclass you will have:
- Discovered strategies to efficiently build CPD into your timetable
- Explored CPD opportunities both inside and outside your pharmacy practice
- Identified life experiences which could be powerful CPD cycles
- Selected appropriate resources to support your CPD 
- Ensured that your CPD is relevant and valuable to YOU 

During the call, you will also complete an activity booklet, which will help you to capture your learnings for use in your CPD ePortfolio. 


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