Do you ever feel like you’re living someone else’s life?

It’s almost like…if you were to say what’s really on your mind, or do what you really want to do…everything would fall apart?

These are primary indicators of an all-too-common malady called “living inauthentically.”  This is one malady, that if left untreated, only gets worse. 

If you feel your life is not connected to your CORE self, you’re hurting yourself…and everyone around you.  Over time, the strain of living two lives will wear on you, causing unhappiness, stress and even illness.

Once you start embracing what makes you different and appreciating your unique gifts and talents, not only will your life get a lot easier, happier & more fulfilling; you’ll also probably become a lot more successful.


One way of thinking of it is that life is like a giant living organism, and every part plays its unique role.  A leaf is perfect as a leaf.  It’s essential as a leaf.  It has gifts & abilities that no other part of the tree has.  However, a leaf would make a lousy tree-trunk.

If you’re spending your time & energy trying to be someone or something else, you’re only contributing to disharmony & misery.  However, once you start looking for what YOU and only you can offer, you’ll plug into your natural sweet spot.  Imagine how it feels to be happy, fulfilled & successful, and living your life in accordance with who you truly are.

You have immense amounts of talent, beauty, depth & natural ability.  You are unique and would be a tragedy to go through life without sharing your gifts with the world.  

This month, in the L.E.A.D. Programme, we explore Being True to Yourself as a key to unleashing more energy  to bring you greater success, recognition, professional, personal and financial success, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT.  We explore the factors in life (both internal & external) that hold us back and learn how to throw off limiting chains and live more freely.  It takes enough energy to be who we are, without over-spending our limited energy on trying to be somebody else!   

This week, for pharmacists, we are also running a series of FREE NON-clinical CPD Online Workshops, scheduled at different times, focused on Informed Decision Making.  

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Rachel Dungan
4Front Pharmacy Solutions Ltd