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25.09.2018 [4Front News] Winter Wellness, World Pharmacist Day and more.... | Oct 2018
01.09.2018 [4Front News] | Five Resources to Transform your Impact | September 2018
01.08.2018 [4Front News] Preparing for ePortfolio Review Masterclass | Aug 2018
24.06.2018 [4Front News] Self Care for Pharmacists | June 2018
20.04.2018 [4Front News] Difficult Conversations | April 2017
18.04.2018 [4Front News] Difficult Conversations
16.03.2018 [4Front News] Self-doubt, Leadership and Professionals | March 2018
15.02.2018 [4Front News] What Motivates You | February 2018
22.01.2018 [4Front News] Fanning the Flames | January 2018
10.12.2017 [4Front News] The Pharmacy Coaching Connection
31.10.2017 [4Front News] Hallowe'en Magic
05.10.2017 Join Us for a Bonus Masterclass | Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
07.09.2017 UPDATED Join Us for a Bonus Masterclass | Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
07.09.2017 Join Us for a Bonus Masterclass | Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
15.05.2017 [4Front News] Joining the Dots Between You and Your Team
22.04.2017 4Front News, Engagement and Emotional Turbulence
03.04.2017 What is 'The Power of Mastermind'?
26.03.2017 Five S.T.E.P.S. to Avoid Paralysing Conflict and Create Synergy in the Workplace
19.03.2017 [MCLC] Being Healthy at your Best is Like What?
12.03.2017 Six Common Mistakes that Damage Relationships in the Workplace
15.02.2017 Transitions - Giving Up the Old for the New
06.02.2017 The Emotional Aspects of Illness
23.01.2017 What is Medical Coaching? How is 'The Coach Approach' relevant to Treatment Adherence?
12.01.2017 Medical Coaching Learning Community -- 10 Ways to Effectively Engage
31.12.2016 New Year is a Perfect Time Review your Successes and Learnings from 2016
31.12.2016 Promote Medical Coaching Learning Community
13.12.2016 Narrative Based Methodologies Crucial for Better Outcomes
29.11.2016 What ONE Thing Will You Change? Join the Medical Coaching Learning Community?
22.11.2016 How Comfortable are You at Being with the Dying and the Grieving?
15.11.2016 What is your leadership impact?
08.11.2016 Leadership: It’s All in Your Mind  
14.10.2016 [World Mental Health Day] Where do you Fit into your Life?
14.10.2016 [World Mental Health Day] Where do you Fit into your Life?
10.10.2016 [World Mental Health Day] Laughter - The Best Medicine?
07.10.2016 Facing the Unknown - The Art of NOT Knowing
29.09.2016 The Art of NOT KNOWING
21.09.2016 Reality - What is the Evidence?
13.09.2016 Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential
06.09.2016 Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Peak Performance
25.08.2016 To be Real or to be Perfect? That is the Question.
18.08.2016 What mask are you wearing?
16.08.2016 Who's life are you living?
11.08.2016 The Power of Decisions
04.08.2016 Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are
28.07.2016 Setting Goals... With a Southern Drawl
21.07.2016 Get Clear. Set your Goals. Get Going.
14.07.2016 Visioning - Have you a clear vision for your future?
07.07.2016 Change One Thing
30.06.2016 How Values Help YOU
23.06.2016 Who's Calling the Shots in your Life?
16.06.2016 What's Most Important to YOU?
09.06.2016 Tools to Maintain your Confidence when life gets tough - FREE recording.
06.06.2016 Your FREE guide to the KEY PRINCIPLES Governing Confidence
23.05.2016 Seven Steps for Putting Off Procrastination!
20.05.2016 FREE Confident You! Online Workshop TONIGHT - to celebrate International Coaching Week
18.05.2016 How to Stay Inspired and Inspire Others - Celebrate International Coaching Week 2016
16.05.2016 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Celebrate International Coaching Week 2016
10.05.2016 4 Ways to Make Deposits into Your Confidence Bank Account
09.05.2016 "YOU - The Confident Pharmacist" Online Workshop is TONIGHT!
07.05.2016 You - The Confident Pharmacist
06.05.2016 Calm Down and Carry On
03.05.2016 Signs You're Faking It but Not Making It
30.04.2016 The Power of Optimism
27.04.2016 Apologies! Online Workshop is in MAY (not April)
27.04.2016 Confident You! Online Workshop is TONIGHT - in celebration of International Coaching Week
25.04.2016 Just Who Do You Think You Are?
22.04.2016 Moving from Doubt to Get It Done
19.04.2016 Four Small Steps for Big Wins
15.04.2016 How to be a Risk Taker Even When you’re Scared
12.04.2016 Kick some "Buts" Along Your Journey
09.04.2016 Confidence and You
22.03.2016 It is Spring Equinox - How Balanced are You?
03.03.2016 Election Decision Making Criteria - Primary School Wisdom
26.02.2016 Building your Positivity Muscle
19.02.2016 Taming FEAR. GROWing Certainty
14.02.2016 Self-Love is an Action - Take Action this Valentine's Day
09.02.2016 Accessing the Power of Gratitude
04.02.2016 'The Coach Approach' as an alternative to 'The Expert Approach'
02.02.2016 How Well Do You Maintain Balance?
21.01.2016 Medical Coaching in Ireland
19.01.2016 Top 10: Ways to Lead by Example