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01/12/2018 [4Front News for Pharmacy Owners] Celebrations and Strategies to Claim Control of Your Pharmacy Performance
05/11/2018 [4Front News] Up Your Professional Game | November 2018
25/09/2018 [4Front News] Winter Wellness, World Pharmacist Day and more.... | Oct 2018
01/09/2018 [4Front News] | Five Resources to Transform your Impact | September 2018
01/08/2018 [4Front News] Preparing for ePortfolio Review Masterclass | Aug 2018
24/06/2018 [4Front News] Self Care for Pharmacists | June 2018
20/04/2018 [4Front News] Difficult Conversations | April 2017
18/04/2018 [4Front News] Difficult Conversations
16/03/2018 [4Front News] Self-doubt, Leadership and Professionals | March 2018
15/02/2018 [4Front News] What Motivates You | February 2018
22/01/2018 [4Front News] Fanning the Flames | January 2018
10/12/2017 [4Front News] The Pharmacy Coaching Connection
31/10/2017 [4Front News] Hallowe'en Magic
05/10/2017 Join Us for a Bonus Masterclass | Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
07/09/2017 UPDATED Join Us for a Bonus Masterclass | Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
07/09/2017 Join Us for a Bonus Masterclass | Laughing and Relaxing with Cancer
15/05/2017 [4Front News] Joining the Dots Between You and Your Team
22/04/2017 4Front News, Engagement and Emotional Turbulence
03/04/2017 What is 'The Power of Mastermind'?
26/03/2017 Five S.T.E.P.S. to Avoid Paralysing Conflict and Create Synergy in the Workplace
19/03/2017 [MCLC] Being Healthy at your Best is Like What?
12/03/2017 Six Common Mistakes that Damage Relationships in the Workplace
15/02/2017 Transitions - Giving Up the Old for the New
06/02/2017 The Emotional Aspects of Illness
23/01/2017 What is Medical Coaching? How is 'The Coach Approach' relevant to Treatment Adherence?
12/01/2017 Medical Coaching Learning Community -- 10 Ways to Effectively Engage
31/12/2016 New Year is a Perfect Time Review your Successes and Learnings from 2016
31/12/2016 Promote Medical Coaching Learning Community
13/12/2016 Narrative Based Methodologies Crucial for Better Outcomes
29/11/2016 What ONE Thing Will You Change? Join the Medical Coaching Learning Community?
22/11/2016 How Comfortable are You at Being with the Dying and the Grieving?
15/11/2016 What is your leadership impact?
08/11/2016 Leadership: It’s All in Your Mind  
14/10/2016 [World Mental Health Day] Where do you Fit into your Life?
14/10/2016 [World Mental Health Day] Where do you Fit into your Life?
10/10/2016 [World Mental Health Day] Laughter - The Best Medicine?
07/10/2016 Facing the Unknown - The Art of NOT Knowing
29/09/2016 The Art of NOT KNOWING
21/09/2016 Reality - What is the Evidence?
13/09/2016 Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential
06/09/2016 Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Peak Performance
25/08/2016 To be Real or to be Perfect? That is the Question.
18/08/2016 What mask are you wearing?
16/08/2016 Who's life are you living?
11/08/2016 The Power of Decisions
04/08/2016 Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are
28/07/2016 Setting Goals... With a Southern Drawl
21/07/2016 Get Clear. Set your Goals. Get Going.
14/07/2016 Visioning - Have you a clear vision for your future?
07/07/2016 Change One Thing
30/06/2016 How Values Help YOU
23/06/2016 Who's Calling the Shots in your Life?
16/06/2016 What's Most Important to YOU?
09/06/2016 Tools to Maintain your Confidence when life gets tough - FREE recording.
06/06/2016 Your FREE guide to the KEY PRINCIPLES Governing Confidence
23/05/2016 Seven Steps for Putting Off Procrastination!
20/05/2016 FREE Confident You! Online Workshop TONIGHT - to celebrate International Coaching Week
18/05/2016 How to Stay Inspired and Inspire Others - Celebrate International Coaching Week 2016
16/05/2016 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Celebrate International Coaching Week 2016
10/05/2016 4 Ways to Make Deposits into Your Confidence Bank Account
09/05/2016 "YOU - The Confident Pharmacist" Online Workshop is TONIGHT!
07/05/2016 You - The Confident Pharmacist
06/05/2016 Calm Down and Carry On
03/05/2016 Signs You're Faking It but Not Making It
30/04/2016 The Power of Optimism
27/04/2016 Apologies! Online Workshop is in MAY (not April)
27/04/2016 Confident You! Online Workshop is TONIGHT - in celebration of International Coaching Week
25/04/2016 Just Who Do You Think You Are?
22/04/2016 Moving from Doubt to Get It Done
19/04/2016 Four Small Steps for Big Wins
15/04/2016 How to be a Risk Taker Even When you’re Scared
12/04/2016 Kick some "Buts" Along Your Journey
09/04/2016 Confidence and You
22/03/2016 It is Spring Equinox - How Balanced are You?
03/03/2016 Election Decision Making Criteria - Primary School Wisdom
26/02/2016 Building your Positivity Muscle
19/02/2016 Taming FEAR. GROWing Certainty
14/02/2016 Self-Love is an Action - Take Action this Valentine's Day
09/02/2016 Accessing the Power of Gratitude
04/02/2016 'The Coach Approach' as an alternative to 'The Expert Approach'
02/02/2016 How Well Do You Maintain Balance?
21/01/2016 Medical Coaching in Ireland
19/01/2016 Top 10: Ways to Lead by Example